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What We Do

Neighborhood Restoration, NR of BR, is a locally owned and operated home improvement company specializing in general construction throughout the state of Louisiana. Our work includes concrete and foundation, road work (parking pavement, asphalt, and rehabilitation projects). Every situation is diverse and brings its own set of challenges, so we pride ourselves on our expert ability to handle each situation.

Meet the Owners

Milton Laday:

Milton has been in the construction industry for more than 20 years. His expertise lies in many areas: commercial renovation projects (New Orleans historic projects, new commercial ground up projects, commercial build out), home remodeling, and general home renovation/repair. He has labored in many areas of construction and contributes to the operation of Neighborhood Restoration by managing and supervising all field projects and activities.

David Timoll:

David has worked in many professional areas including: education, sales, financial planning, and rehabilitation services. His wealth of knowledge in various fields enhances his ability to manage and operate the business aspects of Neighborhood Restoration.

Areas Served

Here's a list of all the cities in Louisiana we provide services to: